Persuasion- On Being THE ONE for Them


When I am using the law of attraction to open myself to new clients, I look for people who sense that I am the right one to help them with their communication issues. In a meditative moment this morning, I had a thought about persuasion.  Persuasion happens when people sense that you are the ONE – to help them, for them, who has the right solution, etc.


For them to sense that you are the ONE:

They must know that you understand.

They must feel that you care.

They must trust you to get them to their goal.

They must choose to change as you suggest.

They must get excited about going for their goal with your help.


Safety is a key to persuasion.  All of the above statements add up to people feeling safe with you and your solution.


So, when you are creating persuasive messages, look for the words that help people sense that you understand, care, can get them to their goal, can make it safe to change and that get them excited about going for their goals.

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