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Sandra Zimmer and Shonda Rhimes Agree on how to Really Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

What do a little known public speaking coach and a world renowned TV writer have in common? They agree on how to really overcome fear of public speaking actually transforming it into the power to speak authentically! For over 30 years, Sandra Zimmer has been evangelizing about what you really have to do to overcome and transform stage fright […]

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Sandra Zimmer Method Workshop Overcomes Life-Long Discomfort of being Center of Attention

 The Sandra Zimmer Method Workshop teaches you to convert public speaking fear, tension and anxiety into free flowing energy and excitement to speak.  You really can overcome life-long discomfort about being the center of attention! When you do, speaking becomes fluid and easy. A participant in a recent Sandra Zimmer Method weekend workshop said, “Had I known […]

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Sandra Zimmer Method to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

Recently, I wrote my most revealing article about the Sandra Zimmer Method to overcome public speaking fear and stage fright. A Presentation Guru Requests an Article The Commissioning Editor of, Jared Senseman, emailed to ask if I would write an article about my approach. Jared said Presentation-Guru was looking for unique approaches that help people speak and present more effectively. […]

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