What does the Caterpillar and Butterfly have to do with Public Speaking?

Learning to speak in front of groups is similar to the caterpillar’s process.  The high intensity of energy that gets stirred inside your body when you become the center of attention requires a meltdown.  You have to melt into the feelings of physical tension and emotional overwhelm that get stirred up inside.  The lovely thing is that all that high intensity energy is passion that is trying to flow through you.  And like the caterpillar who must surrender to his meltdown before he can quicken into his higher form, you have to practice being in the soup for a short while until you stabilize your energy and can be present as a solid strong and present being in front of others.  If you are willing to go through the process with acceptance of your human feelings and emotions, then you can emerge as a speaker who really can make a difference.

Since the inception of my work with stage fright and fear of public speaking in 1987, I have felt that learning to speak was a transformational journey.  It is one that we must all make if we are to really be of service and give our gifts to the world.

Here is a  beautiful video that captures the journey from caterpillar to butterfly and draws a  breathtakingly beautiful parallel to the transformation taking place in humanity now.


If you have not become a speaker, now is the time to learn to add your voice to the mix. If I can help you transform into the powerful and inspiring communicator that you know you can be, visit

Sandra Zimmer

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