Update on Sandra’s Book – It’s Your Time to Shine

Update on Sandra Zimmer’s Book – It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from your Heart

For those of you who have called or emailed to ask where is the book, it is about 3 weeeks away from being at  We are tweaking the cover just a little to make sure it prints well.  The cover is awesome!  Mark Gelotte did an amazing job of designing the cover and  want it to look as good as he intended.  So we have had to go through a third proof.

I am trying to be patient and not push the river!  Thanks to all who ahve ordered a pre-publication copy.  I will send those autographed copies as soon as I have them!  they are still available if you fill out the order form and send in a  check for $21.00.

You can also download a copy of Chapter 1 and The Table of Contents right now!

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