One Subtle Communication Secret for Getting Others to Hear Your Message

The prevailing model for speaking persuasively is a style of speaking that is enthusiastic, energetic and extraverted.  The speaker is asserting a point in hopes to convince the listener to agree. However, this model can be a trap. It puts you in the position of selling.  Of course others don’t want to be sold, so they have […]

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Speaking for Authentic Expression: Interview with Dr. Brene Brown

“Authenticity is a practice” says Dr. Brene Brown in a conversation with Oprah. You have to choose it every day. This applies not only in one’s personal life, but in business as well. In business, authenticity generates authority. When we speak from our own inner authority, others sense our power. But it takes courage to speak […]

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Christmas Presence and the Gift of Listening

One of my favorite communication experts is Loren Ekroth, Ph.D who is a specialist in human communication and a national expert on conversation for business and social life.  He sends a newsletter that always has a thoughtful and insightful article.  His article this week is on the gift of presence. You can contact him at […]

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