American Idol 2011 – What We Can Learn about Being Grounded

American Idol for 2011 has completely captured my attention.  I am loving it!  Finally they have a group of judges who all are insightful, honest, compassionate, entertaining and funny!  Steven Tyler is a total delight!  He listens with his eyes closed and feels the music as contestants sing.  Sometimes he sings along with relish.  Jennifer Lopez brings […]

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The Presence of George Michael on American Idol

Right after the final night of American Idol, I posted this comment.  It did not seem to show up on my blog, so I am reposting it.  I was so taken with the quality of talent this year, but when a real professional singer performed the last night, the difference was palpable.  Forgive me if […]

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The Simon Cowell Acid-Test for Authenticity

On February 19th 2008, I watched the opening of American Idol’s twelve male singers.  Every man had a great voice and strong energy. What I found interesting was the reaction and feedback from judge Simon Cowell. Of the twelve performers, Simon liked two of them.  Simon has a nose for authenticity in singers!   If you […]

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