People with Public Speaking Fear can Learn from a Downs Syndrome Golfer

Amazing Amy is a young golfer who has Downs Syndrome. Amy has no fear or anxiety. She has played confidently with golf pros and even inspired them to win trophies. People who have public speaking fear can learn to develop their confidence from Amy.

The thing about Amy Bockerstette is that she is so full of love that fear does not enter her mind when the pressure is on. Here’s a Today Show piece about Amazing Amy so you can see how she handles pressure.

Amy’s supreme confidence comes from the fact that her mind is not cluttered with negative thoughts or self doubts. As a person who has Downs Syndrome, she is focused on feeling love for her friends and everyone she meets. In situations where she has to perform, she simply says, “I got this.” She is quoted as saying she does not get nervous, she just gets excited. I believe she can do this because love is what she is feeling all the time.

People with public speaking fear are distracted by inner voices that question their skill and fill them with negative messages. What if we could learn to function like Amy? What if we could love our audiences? What if we changed our inner voice to say, “I got this.” It could be that simple.

Years ago I wrote an article about Transforming Negative Self-Talk that may help you think more like Amazing Amy. It can help you identify, challenge and change your negative self-talk so that your mind thinks positive, self-loving thoughts.

As one reporter said on the Today Show, the world needs more of Amy’s attitude and energy. She inspired a golf pro. Let her inspire you too!

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