The dictionary states that there are two definitions for the words present and presentation.  The first definition for present is to exist or occur in the moment; but the second definition is what intrigues me the most for both forms of the word – to bestow or give a gift.

How often do we actually give a presentation that is so cerebral and soulless that we know we have bored the socks off of all attendees?  Why do we do that when this is our opportunity to “shine” to give our gift to the audience?  Are we really giving them a “gift” bestowing them with the passion that fuels us, or just breezing through the speech trying to get out of the spotlight?  My guess for most of us is the later, just get me away from the central focus and let me slink back to my office. It was time to open presents and you do not have one to give!

I have had very few inspirational speakers come in to my life, those who choose to endow my spirt with what fueled their passions.  The most memorable came from the field of education.  My high school English teacher ignited my passion for analyzing literature with her wonderful southern drawl and her keen sense of wrapping us in to her love of the written word.  Never once did I catch myself feeling bored. Her words streamed into my being and filled me with knowledge.

My college biology professor was the most splendid speaker I have ever had the privilege of hearing.  This was biology 101, he had to feel so above teaching this group of let’s get credit for this class and move on freshmen.  However he took that semester with us and gave it all he had to convert us into science lovers.  He could make dissecting a cat and learning every body part therein stimulating and fun.  I never believed I could “love” science, but as they say “enthusiasm is catching”.    Both of these exceptional educators came to the stage daily and gave their audiences their “gifts”.

Imagine the affect that we could all have on the world if we could open up and present our gifts to our audiences.  Whether it be a meeting among your team, a presentation to a client or a speaking engagement, think about the results you could obtain from spreading your excitement to others

Learn to share your passion and fuel your audience with the master of “shining” Sandra Zimmer.  You may contact her via the website or by phoning 281-293-7070

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