Life Fright: Ground Yourself in Your Body to Clear Fear and Anxiety

Normally I write about stage fright and fear of public speaking, but today my focus is broader. As we face an economic crisis, just about everybody is feeling some fear and anxiety right now.  I have been working to overcome mine and to transform the fear into power.

I have also been pondering what I can do to help others flow through the crisis that has taken hold of our country and consciousness. For a couple of weeks, I bought in to the fear and anxiety of “economic crisis” and believed that my business was going to collapse.  Fortunately, I have a lot of tools and techniques to release myself from personal and collective negativity.

When I am seized with negativity, I know to turn my attention within and surrender to the situation until I get a clear direction from within about what to do.  And this is what I have been doing for the past week. The words I hear within are “Deepen your ground of being.” And so, I have been filling myself with light to clear the fear and anxiety and I have been consciously dropping my attention into deeper states of awareness that are taking me into more grounded levels of being. As a result, I feel full of joy and excitement to see what opportunities will come out of the current economic situation.

Of all the tools and techniques gained from over thirty years in traditional psychology, spiritual psychology, metaphysics, meditation, theatre, movement and voice, one of the most valuable tools is grounding in the physical body.

If you have been feeling stressed by fear about the future and finances, I encourage you to go deeper into your ground of being.  Turn your attention into the deepest part of you, wherever that seems to reside within and move your focus of attention even deeper into that area of your body.  Let yourself feel the sensation of dropping into your body.  You may actually feel like you are falling.  Let yourself fall and keep falling until you have the sense of hitting ground where you feel supported.  Check out Ground Yourself for Star Quality Presence, an audio of a grounding meditation that relaxes you out of your head and anxious thinking into a deep state of full-bodied awareness.  It is amazing how much safer you feel and how much less anxiety you feel when you ground yourself in your body!

I think I might offer a teleclass on grounding.  If anyone is interested, give me a call or send an email to let me know of your interest.

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