Great Article on Why Public Speaking Scares You by Susan Adams at

I just read an article on Forbes called “Why Public Speaking Scares and and How to Overcome your Fear” by Susan Adams.

This is one of the best articles on fear of speaking I have seen in  a long time!

I am a presentation and speaking coach in Houston.  I have specialized in transforming stage fright and fear of public speaking for over 23 years.

My experience has taught me that the real fear of speaking is fear of feeling in front of folks and not feeling safe to use the natural emotional energy positively.  As Susan Adams suggests, there is a deeper fear than just fear of speaking under the surface.

In each case in this article, the author Susan Adams and presentation coach Jane Praeger demonstrated how to address the emotion underlying the fear of speaking.  Once the emotions are authentically expressed in a positive way, the feelings of fear and dread transform into power and passion, energy and enthusiasm to share.

My Zimmer Method utilizes this principle to transform stage fright into authentic presence. I invite interested readers to explore my unique understanding about stage fright at  Ifcurious, visit my class description page to get a sense of what is different about my programs.

Thanks to Susan and Jane for this very helpful article!


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