Getting Full of Your Self: A Valuable Tip for Helping the Anxiety of Public Speaking

 Have you noticed that when you are gripped by stage fright or fear of public speaking, it is like an out-of-body experience?  Mentally, you withdraw attention and energy from your body and focus all your energy and attention in your head.  You “go into your head.”  It is almost as if you leave your body and live only inside your own head. The psychological result is that you abandon yourself.   In this state of being in your head, you are not connected with your authentic self. You aren’t yourself. You can’t think clearly.  Your head is too full of energy and you feel spacey and ungrounded. Because you are disconnected from yourself, you can’t connect with your ideas, insights and expertise.  To correct this uncomfortable state, practice “getting full of your self” through grounding exercises and activities that focus your attention into your body.  Bring your mental focus into every part of your body so that you can feel yourself living in your whole body, not just your head.  I jokingly call this getting full of your self.  But I mean it in a good way.  When you bring attention and energy into your body more fully, you feel grounded and strong.  Getting full of your self has a positive impact on stage fright and fear of public speaking.  When you are full of internal energy, you do not worry what others are thinking about you.  You are able to stay focused on what you are thinking, feelings and what you have to say.  Your nerves calm down and you feel freer to express yourself.   For assistance in grounding, try my Grounding  Exercise Audio It is the closest thing to an antidote for stage fright that I know.  Let me know how it works for you!

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