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Flipped Teaching: Get Ready for Your Close-up! Great Concept but New Video Teaching Skills Needed.

Learning by doing is how we learn!  Seems so simple.  Yet old fashioned teaching methods have teachers, instructors and professors lecturing on and on and on and students tuning out. The flipped classroom concept allows students to watch short instructional videos outside of the classroom and then to practice skills in class while a teacher […]

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YOU on VIDEO Workshop – If Warren Buffett can do it so can YOU

Have you been holding back from making videos due to fear of making a fool of yourself? Maybe not looking good? Or seeming silly? Warren Buffett isn’t! You already know that video can boost your career, your product or service.  And it is totally FUN! Take  look at Warren Buffett having fun on video and […]

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Introducing YOU on VIDEO Workshop

I am excited to announce that I am creating a new workshop called YOU on VIDEO: Showing Up and Being Heard for Skype, YouTube and TV I have always been fascinated with video, both the technology and the on-camera presentation of oneself. As a former actress, I loved doing radio and TV commercials.  It thrills […]

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