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Why You Don’t Like The Sound of Your Voice & What to Do About It

Most people don’t like the sound of their voice when they hear it replayed on a recorder. As a voice and diction teacher for almost four decades, I can attest to that fact. When Arthur Lessac trained me to teach his Lessac Voice Method, he also trained me to have a great voice. The day […]

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Impeccable Diction – Dylan Thomas Reading Fern Hill

Diction is articulation of consonant sounds. Consonants make speech clear, crisp and intelligible. I am so grateful to Arthur Lessac of The Lessac Institute for the training in diction he gave me. I realize that my speech is very easy for listeners to understand because of the Lessac Method I know and teach. Not many […]

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Steps for Practicing to Reduce or Modify an Accent

I have been coaching non-native speakers of English to improve their pronunciation for almost four decades.  I was trained by Arthur Lessac in the Lessac Method of Voice and Diction.  Thanks to Arthur’s fine training and method, I can quickly and easily identify the sounds of English that non-native speakers need to learn.  It’s also […]

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How Pronouncing Consonant Sounds Clearly Makes a Non-Native English Speaker Easier to Understand

Learning to pronounce consonant sounds is vital to mastering clear, crisp, intelligible speech. This translates into meaningful spoken communication that is easily understood. Pronouncing consonant sounds clearly makes every word you articulate more precise. This in turn makes your overall message more readily understood by your audience, whether it is a small group or large […]

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Accent Reduction: Why Pronouncing Consonants is More Important than Pronouncing Vowels

There is no fast and easy way to reduce or modify an accent. If you are going to learn to reduce your accent, it is going to take considerable time and effort to practice. OK, now I have said it! I don’t mean to discourage you, but I do mean to help you be realistic […]

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