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Asking Questions of Your Audience to Connect and Release Anxiety

Many speakers allow their listeners to ask them questions, but not many ask questions of the audience.  Ellen Finklestein of writes an excellent article about asking questions of your audience.  I will let you read her article for yourself. At the end of her article she says it is important to plan your questions carefully.  […]

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Conquering Nerves and Communicating Clearly in Interviews

This week, Andrew Dlugan’s Six Minutes Blog on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills published my guest article “9 Steps to Conquer Nerves and Communicate Clearly in Interviews.” This article is only published on Six Minutes.  You can read the entire article. Thanks Andrew for the opportunity to share!

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Releasing Fear & Other Negative Emotions

Ever feel stuck?  Like you can’t move forward in your life and don’t know why? Fear of feeling is the block that prevents one from going forward in life.  A human being is meant to experience life, digest the experience, take the lesson and meaning from the experience and release the negative emotion from each […]

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Life Fright: Ground Yourself in Your Body to Clear Fear and Anxiety

Normally I write about stage fright and fear of public speaking, but today my focus is broader. As we face an economic crisis, just about everybody is feeling some fear and anxiety right now.  I have been working to overcome mine and to transform the fear into power. I have also been pondering what I […]

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