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Tip for Finding Stories to Make Talks and Presentations Engaging and Compelling

Here’s a valuable tip for finding stories from your life that you can use to make talks and presentations more engaging and compelling.  Both professional and personal stories can be used to illustrate ideas, make points and sell your services. If you read my last post on 6 Reasons to Tell Stories in Presentations, Leadership […]

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How to Think on Your Feet by Speaking from a Blank State of Mind

When asked to think on your feet, many people say there is nothing in their heads to talk about. They  think they are frozen. They say they are “blank.”  Worse, they judge themselves negatively, and think having a blank mind is wrong. It is not wrong to be blank. I believe it is the right place […]

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Learn to Speak Up in Public and Life Will Bring Opportunities to Share Your Gift

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your life, it could be because you have not learned to speak up in public in order to fulfill your soul’s desire to make a difference. I believe we each have a gift to give the world. We each have some contribution to make that adds value to humanity […]

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How to Say a Few Words When You are not Prepared to Speak in Public

Speaking in groups and meetings is an essential skill for every business professional. You are expected to be able to share your ideas, expertise and experience to contribute to your company’s success. If you can’t speak up and speak out, you hit a glass ceiling past which you can’t advance in your company. So, how […]

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