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How This Introvert uses the Power of Letting Go to Sell and Persuade

I have been selling my group speaking, voice and leadership presence courses and coaching for decades, longer than some of you may have been alive. If you ask me what my secret is, I will tell you it is the power that comes when I detach from the outcome during a sales conversation. Detaching from the outcome means […]

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One Subtle Communication Secret for Getting Others to Hear Your Message

The prevailing model for speaking persuasively is a style of speaking that is enthusiastic, energetic and extraverted.  The speaker is asserting a point in hopes to convince the listener to agree. However, this model can be a trap. It puts you in the position of selling.  Of course others don’t want to be sold, so they have […]

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Travis Kalanick CEO of Uber on Telling the Authentic Story

Travis Kalanick is the CEO of Uber, a service that uses apps to call a car, usually a Town Car, in 15 minutes. What I like about him is his authenticity. He says that telling your authentic story is how business needs to be communicating. He shares that in toughest times, we learn to be […]

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Storyselling – The secret to a successful persuasive presentation is great storytelling.

I am in love with this word – storyselling!  It says it all about the power of stories to persuade listeners to buy products and services or buy into ideas. Storyselling is the act of telling the authentically persuasive story. It is sharing the story that excites others to say, “Yes, I want that!” Everyone […]

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Three Great Presentation Skills that Make the Winning Difference

Next week I am facilitating a day-long training program for sales professionals in the world’s fifth largest software company. Unlike my usual clients who feel fear of speaking, these folks will be good at speaking and selling.  They are already very successful. So, “What,” I wondered “Do they need from me?” They need me to […]

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