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Public Speaking Tip – 3 Techniques to Handle Hostile Audiences

(Graphic by Vector Graphics) Public speaking and presentation clients sometimes ask me how to handle hostile audiences. Frankly, I think people project more negativity onto audiences than is really there. Never the less, it is important to learn to stand openly before a group that includes people who may be judging, disagreeing or criticizing. I have […]

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Get into a higher state for public speaking

Learn how to get into a higher state by expanding your inner awareness so you can be your best self for public speaking and presentations. Expanding your inner state frees you to be deeply relaxed, feel self-accepting and inclusive of others and to radiate a strong presence.  Experienced performers learn to enter a performance state. […]

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Sandra Zimmer featured in Houston Chronicle Article on Public Speaking as a Career Tool

Today, Sunday, March 23, 2014, The Houston Chronicle Jobs Section is printing an article entitled “Public Speaking an Important Career Tool.” This article written by Emilia Benton, a copy editor from the Special Publications of Houston Chronicle Media Group, features some of my ideas about the value of public speaking skills for career development. Ms. Benton […]

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Three Great Presentation Skills that Make the Winning Difference

Next week I am facilitating a day-long training program for sales professionals in the world’s fifth largest software company. Unlike my usual clients who feel fear of speaking, these folks will be good at speaking and selling.  They are already very successful. So, “What,” I wondered “Do they need from me?” They need me to […]

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A Master Speaker Presents – W Mitchell at NSA Houston

“Has anyone ever been in prison?” These were the words that opened W Mitchell’s talk to NSA Houston Chapter in September 2010.  Words spoken quietly in a voice vibrating from deep within his chest.  Words not spoken immediately. W Mitchell wheeled himself to the center of the staging area, sat deeply into his wheelchair and […]

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Crafting Your Speech so Listeners can Track

This week, I coached a Director at a Fortune 100 company who is preparing to deliver an executive summary presentation.  Twice a year, “Steve” must present to senior executives an update that includes what his team has achieved, what they are working on, what their prospects are and what they have contributed to the overall […]

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