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The Solution to Stage Fright is Right Here, Right Now

Stage fright is life fright. It is fear of feeling in front of other human beings. Stage fright exists in us because we can’t relax and accept what is happening in the now moment. We are resisting the feelings and thoughts that are occurring now as we get ready to speak up, speak out or […]

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Healing Stage Fright by Standing Up for Oneself

    I received a stunning email from a therapist in New York City.  Emily shared an experience of coaching a client for communication and how the results impacted her “stage fright.”  Here is what Emily said….   Hi, Sandra.  I have worked with a person who had stage fright issues; they were really about […]

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Handling the Panic of Change

    I write to remind myself of the mystery of life and the importance of surrendering to the support that God provides in moments when life seems scary.  Self-expression through writing, movement and sound are ways that I handle the panic when things are coming undone.  I am writing this article for myself and […]

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Life Fright: Ground Yourself in Your Body to Clear Fear and Anxiety

Normally I write about stage fright and fear of public speaking, but today my focus is broader. As we face an economic crisis, just about everybody is feeling some fear and anxiety right now.  I have been working to overcome mine and to transform the fear into power. I have also been pondering what I […]

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Acceptance is Opening to All Possibilities

I was approached to write a talk, Taming the Dragon: Facing the Fear of Change for a non-profit organization. Saturday I delivered the talk twice and did well enough.  As I drove away from the event, I realized that the talk was as much for my own healing as it was for the audience of […]

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4 Steps for Turning Fear of Change into Productive Energy

I have been invited to speak at a seminar produced by Skills 4 Living, a non-profit org that supports low-income families to prepare to raise their income and improve their situation in life.  They asked me to speak to the fear of change.  Frankly I was not sure I could speak on this topic, not […]

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