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9 Steps to Conquer Nerves for Interviews and Communicate Authentically

In 2008, I was asked by Andrew Dlugan to write an article for his 6 Minutes Public Speaking blog about steps to help conquer nerves for interviews. Now in 2020 with so many people being laid off due to the COVID19 pandemic, I am revising that article and posting it here. Being interviewed for a […]

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Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions

Use This Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions Massive numbers of layoffs during the COVID19 pandemic mean having a job interview strategy to win managerial and executive positions is a wise skill to polish. If you are in this situation, I’ll offer a job interview strategy and 5 steps for interviewing that […]

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Two Extra Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

Interviewing is more than a set of questions. It is a stepping stone to your future, and you want to take that step with confidence. If you have made it to the interview, you have already demonstrated qualities and experience for which the company is looking. Of course, you will prepare yourself to respond to […]

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How to Respond to the Money Question when Interviewing for Jobs

Be prepared to handle the money question strategically when interviewing for jobs. Here are some tips about how to handle the money question to allow for the best outcome. If you’ve read about how to handle the subject of money during a job interview, you’ve likely learned that you should never bring it up. Most interview experts agree […]

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How to Help the Interviewer Interview You

When you are scheduled to interview with a prospective employer, there are some techniques that can help you be remembered and increase your chances of winning the job. it is important to understand that the interviewer might be just as uncertain as you are. He or she may not have much interviewing experience. Maybe that […]

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How to Demonstrate Grace under Media Fire: General Eric Shinseki, VA Secretary

By Sandra Zimmer How would you respond if you were accused of incompetence in a media interview? Could you stay calm and open? Could you handle it with grace and dignity? Currently, there is a big media bruhaha around General Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of Veteran Affairs. He has been accused of allowing veteran’s hospitals […]

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