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6 Reasons Why You Should Tell Stories in Presentations, Leadership Messages and Meetings

Story Telling is a powerful way to open up presentations, leadership messages and meetings of all kinds.  Telling the right story produces astonishing results for you as a speaker and leader. If you’re not sure what a story is, it’s just what happened. That means it involves human beings doing or experiencing something. In case you don’t […]

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Tip for Finding Stories to Make Talks and Presentations Engaging and Compelling

Here’s a valuable tip for finding stories from your life that you can use to make talks and presentations more engaging and compelling.  Both professional and personal stories can be used to illustrate ideas, make points and sell your services. If you read my last post on 6 Reasons to Tell Stories in Presentations, Leadership […]

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Meryl Streep Speaks Truth to power at 2017 Golden Globes

Meryl Streep just modeled how to use a speech platform as a bully pulpit. Watch her use her acceptance speech for a life time achievement award to speak truth to power.  What a beautiful way to lead her community and us as a nation to unity. She embodies gravitas.

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The dictionary states that there are two definitions for the words present and presentation.  The first definition for present is to exist or occur in the moment; but the second definition is what intrigues me the most for both forms of the word – to bestow or give a gift. How often do we actually […]

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