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Believe in Yourself!

As the year draws to a close, I start musing about believing in myself more. I have a certain amount of confidence in myself, but I think I can believe and do more. In the last few days of each year, I like to ponder what I want to do and be in the next […]

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Inspiration for a New Year!

As 2013 and the movie version of Les Miserables open, we can all use a little inspiration to remind us it is possible to fly and to spur us all on to new heights. No one did that better than Susan Boyle at her first audition of Britian’s Got Talent! Her is a video of […]

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Keep Dreaming

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  He had a dream.  Much if his dream has come true. His legacy lives in all of us.  Even if we do not have complete equality, we have come so far.  Only 200 years ago, we fought a war to end slavery. This weekend, my family laid my father’s body to […]

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