Your Unique Message for Public Speaking & Performance


It is empowering to identify your own universal message that you want to deliver.   It will energize your presentations with passion for what you are saying.  A contributing factor to stage fright is the fact that people leave out their most deeply held beliefs and values from their presentations.  They tend to edit out the very material that would inspire their communications.  Underlying this tendency is a belief that their spiritual and emotional values are not appropriate or acceptable in many situations.  This is not the truth.  The truth is, that your emotional and spiritual Self should always be expressed in every talk, performance or communication that you deliver. 



There is always a place for universal human values.  Without it, your presentations are too dry, cerebral and heartless.  Without emotional juice to support and empower your presentation, you will naturally feel more stage fright.  When you bring your deeply held values into your talks, you are automatically connected to your passion, which is the fuel of your star power.  The passion of your spirit buoys you with so much energy to share your gifts that you forget to be afraid.



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