What Causes Stage Fright and Fear of Public Speaking?

Stage fright and fear of speaking in public are triggered by two things – expectation of perfection and fear of judgment.  We are expecting ourselves to be perfect (and we know we can’t be) so we think we are not good because we aren’t perfect.  We are also afraid that otfers will judge us harshly as not good enough.  Either way there is an element of not good enough involved in stage fright and fear of public speaking.  

In reality, fear of speaking in front of others is simply high intensity emotion or passion-energy that is trying to flow through the body when we become the center of attention.  It is not a sign that you are a bad speaker or presenter.  Rather it is a sign that you have a ton of creative emotional energy you just don’t know how to express yet.   When you can get the blocked energy to flow through your body and out towards others, then you can transform the tension and anxiety into a presence that is palpable and into passionate expression.  

In my next post, I will explain what happens inside your body when you are gripped in stage fright or fear of speaking. You may find it helpful to understand the inner dynamics of this issue.  Once you understand what is happening inside, you can start to release the physical sensations and unlock the emotional energy, allowing yourself to melt into a flow state that both feels good and compels others to pay attention.


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