We Need Different Kinds of Minds in the World

I just watched a fantastic video at TED.comTemple Grandin was diagnosed with autistism as a child.  She says the world need all kinds of minds, including the autistic minds.  Autism is a wide spectrum of symptoms and many autistic minds are brilliant.  They think in pictures and patterns, paying attention to the details that the average mormal mind would ignore. Watch Temple Grandin speak at TED.

I have been interested in autism for many years.  I always thought that autism was a sign of creativity and intellect. Temple Grandin proves that! She says that many brilliant minds like Tesla and Einstein are on the autistic spectrum.  The problem is that autistic kids are not being developed for their interests in science.  They need to be challenged and turned on to their own abilities that derive from their fixations.

Well, I say we have a lot of brilliant kinsethetic people who can’t speak in public because they feel so much!  My Zimmer Method for training people to speak allows sensitive achievers to integrate their bodily-felt sensations of fear and anxiety,  transforming that felt energy from fear into emotional flow.

Temple says to use the fixation  of autistic minds  to motivate them to create.  I say use the feeling of fear and anxiety in highly senstive people to help them open up to their natural passion so it can be expressed.

I hope you’ll watch Temple Grandin speak in front of thousands of people at TED to see how someone who does not “fit” can inspire and excite others from the stage.

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