Using Stories for Apologies and Healing

Sean  Buvala  at has written an awesome post on using stories for apologies and healing.  He says that “Storytelling can be used for many different applications. One of the most difficult, but needed, application of storytelling is to express reconciliation, repentance and recompense.”

Sean lists five steps that help create a story of redemption:

1. Always tell the truth.
2. Start the story with the vision of the future.
3. Acknowledge your “sin” against the world.
4. Tell us about how you have paid your debt.
5. Express the actions you are taking now, in the present and future, that demonstrate how you have changed.

Why I think this is so imprtant is that all we humans make mistakes.  The story allow us to be transparent and helps develop a sense of authenticity that is required for people to understand and forgive your past actions.

See it at:

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