Turning Anxiety into Excitement – Tip for Transforming Stage Fright, Fear of Public Speaking & General Anxiety


Human emotional energy either contracts or expands.  When your energy is contracting, you feel negative emotions such as fear and anxiety, anger and sadness.  But when your energy is expanding, you feel positive emotions like excitement, joy, love and power.

In this article, I’ll focus on anxiety vs. excitement. Anxiety is the contraction state where you think you don’t have any power, think possibilities are limited and expect things will probably go badly.  Excitement is the expansion state of being energized for action and creating new possibilities.

Whether you are anxious about the economic downturn, anxious about public speaking, sharing your ideas in a meeting or interviewing for a job, anxiety can be a doorway to energy, expansion and excitement.  The secret to using anxiety is in how you focus your attention into the tension and how you label the experience of tension.

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