Do You Suffer from Stage Fright?

Stage fright and public speaking fear are forms of suffering. We who suffer from stage fright are devastated because we know how much we have to give and our own sensitivity has turned against us. We are paralyzed by our fear of public speaking and not fully able to share what we know. As a […]

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The #1 Public Speaking Rule that has to Change

It is time we update one public speaking rule to align with the collective wish for more authenticity in communicating. Public Speaking coaches everywhere advise their clients, “Don’t ever tell them you are nervous. They won’t know.”  This old-style public speaking rule causes us to sacrifice being real for looking perfect. Public speaking will always […]

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Sandra Zimmer Method to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

Recently, I wrote my most revealing article about the Sandra Zimmer Method to overcome public speaking fear and stage fright. A Presentation Guru Requests an Article The Commissioning Editor of, Jared Senseman, emailed to ask if I would write an article about my approach. Jared said Presentation-Guru was looking for unique approaches that help people speak and present more effectively. […]

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