Sandra Zimmer on Time to Shine Podcast: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Sandra Zimmer – Guest on Time to Shine Podcast

If ever there was a podcast right for me Sandra Zimmer to speak, it is Oscar Santolalla’s Time to Shine Podcast! I’m proud to be Oscar’s 165th guest on his podcast which is devoted entirely to public speaking and becoming a great public speaker.

My topic is of course the Sandra Zimmer Method to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking. You can find my interview called Sandra Zimmer: Five Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking, and Shine! here

In this podcast, I shared the steps I use to guide clients to transform their fear of public speaking. Oscar captured my 5 Steps to overcome fear of public speaking and posted on his podcast as follows.

Five Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking and shine

1. Putting energy down. You have to get out of your head and into your body using grounding meditation.

2. Paying attention to the tension. Turn attention to your inside: thoughts, feelings, emotions.

3. Express the tension: Describe it aloud. Tell how and what you feel. Express the tension and the tension will go.

4. Making genuine connection. Establish a real connection, make eye contact. Create a bond with your audience.

5. Opening the Flow of Speech: tell your story. By creating a simple short 5 – 10 minutes talk to share your story and your message.

Oscar Santolalla has a uniquely effective style of interviewing guests. He listens carefully and reflects back to the guest what he has heard allowing them to elaborate. I found him to be a wonderful interviewer.

Please visit Time to Shine Podcast to hear my interview.

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