Keep Dreaming

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  He had a dream.  Much if his dream has come true. His legacy lives in all of us.  Even if we do not have complete equality, we have come so far.  Only 200 years ago, we fought a war to end slavery.

This weekend, my family laid my father’s body to rest.  He was a quiet man, but  a man of power.  Not in the usual way that we think of power, but in a quiet, present way.  He had the heart of a servant. He was always there to support and to guide me if I asked for help, never to tell me what to do. He too spoke of dreaming.  All my life he reminded me to dream, so that I could create.  Dreaming was a way of starting to plan what you want to create.

What is your dream?  If you don’t have one, take some time to dream today.  Dream up a dream.

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