How to Feel Good In Zoom Meetings

Virtual meetings have become ubiquitous. By now, we are all learning how to look good on video.  Next we can focus on learning to feel confident in Zoom meetings.  Since we are all meeting on video conferencing platforms, we might as well learn to relax and feel at ease on camera just like movie stars.

In this article, I’ll share key tips & exercises for elevating your energy in virtual meetings so that you can actually feel good when participating in Zoom meetings.

The bonus you get when you prepare yourself to feel good on video is that you open yourself to experience a flow state.  As you may know, the flow state is what happens when you are feeling your best and performing your best.  When you train yourself to feel your best, you will likely perform your best.

After coaching thousands of professionals to transform public speaking, anxiety, develop presence and craft compelling messages; I know that public speaking in  Zoom meetings is just as terrifying and exciting as speaking to live groups.  I also know you can learn to turn public speaking fear into flow.  You can learn to tap into your video fear and use it to trigger into the flow state experience.

Why Zoom Meetings can Trigger a Flow State

The three main conditions for triggering the flow state according to author Steven Kotler (The Rise of Superman, The Art of the Impossible) are 1) a high risk, 2) rich environment and 3) deep embodiment.  High risk is a part of every important business meeting. You risk creating a poor impression, showing up unprepared and freezing up when it’s your turn to speak, any of which can impact your professional reputation. Zoom meetings provide a rich environment because of the complexity of participating in the meeting, managing your appearance and the technology all at once.  In order to remain present for the meeting you must be able to relax deeply into your body, feel at ease on camera and make continuous connections. So, meeting with a group on Zoom provides us with all three conditions to trigger flow.  If we can take advantage of these conditions rather than having them work to our detriment then we can trigger into flow where we feel our best and perform our best. To use them to our benefit, we have to prepare to feel good going into each meeting.

Five Flow Enhancing Exercises to Make You Feel Good in Zoom Meetings

Here are five flow enhancing exercises that will elevate your energy state, make you feel good and positively impact your performance in Zoom meetings and other video platforms.

The Five Flow Enhancing Exercises are:

  1. Activate flow in your physical body to loosen up.
  2. Fill up inside your skin so you expand your presence.
  3. Breathe your way to calm confidence.
  4. Dress to feel your very best.
  5. Plan something to say that adds value to the meeting.

Activate some flow in your physical body to loosen up.  Start by getting energy flowing in your body with some kind of mind/body warm up.  Move your body for 5 minutes with energetic movement to help release nervous tension so you can relax.  Yoga, marching, jumping, stretching or dancing will get blood and lymph flowing in your body. This will prime your body for feeling good.

Fill up inside your skin so you expand your camera presence.  Focus your attention and awareness inside all your body parts so that you drop into a state of bodily-felt presence.  Find a grounding meditation that you can listen to and learn.  Grounding, also known as earthing, makes you feel strong, solid, comfortable, safe and confident. It helps you be in the moment, causes your presence to radiate to others so you shine like a star on video.

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Breathe your way into being calm and confident.  There is a specific breathing pattern  that will calm your nervous system.  It will turn down your sympathetic nervous system and turn on your parasympathetic nervous system.  Slow down your breathing by taking longer to exhale than to inhale. This breath pattern has been used for centuries by yogis to create extreme calm. Now it has been proven by modern day scientists. (Check out Breath by James Nestor.)  Inhale through your nose to a count of 4 or 5 and exhale through your mouth for a longer count of 7 or 8.   Give yourself a few minutes to feel the effects as your parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest system, comes online.

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Dress to feel your very best.  You know what outfit makes you feel good.  So wear it in your Zoom meetings.  Wear what makes you feel like a star in your field.  Enough said.

Plan something to say that you know will add value.  Spend 10 minutes preparing to share a story, make a point, acknowledge someone, suggest an idea or ask an important question.  Even if you are not expected to talk, have something to contribute. It will make you feel valuable.  And that just feels good.

Take time to practice these 5 flow enhancing exercises before joining a Zoom meeting. The effect will elevate your energy state and develop your camera presence.  You’ll be able to get into a flow state and show up in your Zoom meetings feeling your best and performing your best. Don’t go into your Zoom meeting without your preparation. As the slogan goes, just do it!

I’m Sandra Zimmer. I coach sensitive business achievers to shine when they speak in groups, meetings and presentations. I share my mastery of coaching public speaking, executive presence, gravitas, voice & diction, accent reduction and interview preparation so clients can speak with the same brilliance they have in their fields.

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