Grow your Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence – a feeling of self-assurance arising from your appreciation of your own abilities or qualities.

No quality is more important for success than self-confidence. Confidence in yourself allows you to go through life as an adventure. It allows you to go towards and take advantage of new opportunities.  Confidence makes it possible to grow, expand your awareness and contribute your gifts and talents to the world.

Without confidence, most of us shy away from opportunities, saying no to doors that open. Many of my clients have shared stories about turning down opportunities to speak that would have allowed them to showcase their expertise and make them more visible in their companies and communities.

My niece Rene’ has great self-confidence.  She is in medical school now.  In her classes she is the first to volunteer for anything.  She volunteers, not because she knows how to do the things she volunteers for, but because she trusts herself to learn from the experience.  She is not afraid to try things.

I did not grow up with much self-confidence.  I was often afraid to try new things and I rarely volunteered for anything that I did not already know how to do.  Someone asked me recently how I was able to develop my confidence.  Her question made me stop to think deeply about the things I have done consciously to grow my self-awareness and confidence. There are five activities that have day-by-day; year-by-year built a stronger sense of confidence in myself.  Each of these five activities has been a pathway to confidence. None are particularly easy, but all are very effective methods for building self-confidence.

Sandra Zimmer’s 5 Confidence Building Activities

If you are seeking to develop self-confidence, I’ll offer these confidence building activities:

  1. Express yourself authentically. Take the time to identify what you really think and feel about yourself, others, what is happening around you and in the world.  Share those thoughts and feelings.  Give them a voice.  Maybe even create art to express yourself.  The practice of expressing your true thoughts, feelings and emotions teaches you to know who you are.
  2. Transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk. To feel confident in yourself, you must have inner dialogue that supports and encourages you to be who you are and to try new things.  I’ve written a thorough article about transforming negative self-talk which you can read and use to develop strong internal support for yourself.  You must develop this important life skill if you are going to succeed at anything. Without positive self-talk you will sabotage all efforts that would move you forward in life.
  3. Get physical. Get into your body.  Get grounded.  Strengthen your core muscles which make up your physical powerhouse.  Whether you go to the gym, take yoga, dance, run, walk or play a sport, getting physical builds self-confidence.  When your body feels strong, you feel strong.  Physical activity clears out stress chemicals like cortisol and activates feel-good chemicals like endorphins and anandamide.
  4. Teach what you know and are learning. The best way to integrate your knowledge is to teach others.  Find a way to mentor others in your areas of expertise.  This can be in one-on-one meetings or big conference style gatherings.  One of my engineering clients hosted a conference on flexible piping at her workplace. Ninety local engineers attended.  My client gained visibility in her industry and tremendous confidence in herself.  In my life, I think it was teaching acting, self-expression and public speaking that truly built my own confidence.  I’ve always taught what I needed to learn.
  5. Meditate. No matter what style of meditation you practice, meditation is a valuable confidence builder. Meditation takes you deep into yourself.  It opens you to connecting with your true self and with your higher source.  As you practice meditation, you become calmer, more present and more able to be who you authentically are.  Find a style of meditation that works for you and just do it!

Once you have made a decision to build your self-confidence, choose one or two from this list that you can put into action.  If you would like a coach to help you build your self-confidence, please reach out to me at 281-293-7070 or request a complimentary coaching session here.


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