Gabe & Izzy Give Their Gift

This story is about the importance of sharing your gift even when you are afraid.  Gabe is a  young woman with a neuromuscular disease. As a child she was bullied in school. She became despondent about life. Her parents got her a dog, Izzy. As time passed, Izzy developed a similar disease. Gabe nurtured Izzy and began to transform her attitude about life.

Somehow the local media picked up the story.  Gabe and Izzy were featured in a news story.  The story flowered into a speaking career for Gabe.  She began to speak to schools about bullying being a choice. At first she was afraid, but she persisted in sharing her story because it helped her to heal and because it helped others to realize they could choose to not bully.

Gabe and Izzy are sharing the gift of their experience.  Had Gabe chosen to listen to her fear, she would not have an awesome career and not be making a difference in the world.

People with stage fright and fear of public speaking are being called by life to share their wisdom and experience more fully with the world.  Are you being called?

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