How to Develop Executive Presence and Gravitas

Executive Presence is hard to describe but easy to recognize in a room of people. In a group meeting, one person will stand out as a leader because that person exhibits a quality of gravitas. That person may or may not be the stated leader.

You’ll find an article at my website called “How to Develop Executive Presence and Gravitas” to help you understand one way to work on developing these important professional qualities.

In this article, I explore how to:

1.  Define the experience of executive presence in a bodily-felt way.

2.  Trigger your thinking about the many ways we talk about executive presence in common terms.

3.  Share my understanding about the value of grounding in the physical body for building gravitas.

4.  Point towards an in-the-body exercise for grounding so you can get started on developing your own executive presence and gravitas.

Please visit the article How to Develop Executive Presence and Gravitas here and share it with others who may be interested.

If you’d like to have a conversation about  building more executive presence to enhance your career, reach out to me by email or phone from my website


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