Building Leadership Presence and Power through Embodying Gravitas

Learning to embody the physical, vocal, psychological and spiritual qualities of gravitas can help you build leadership presence and power.

I coach leaders to build leadership presence and power through developing the characteristics of gravitas. Gravitas is a mix of several complex skills and behaviors – being comfortable in your physical body, thinking deeply, acting deliberately, moving gracefully, speaking clearly and wisely and making connection with other people.  Together, the result is that others perceive you as a leader and respond to you with respect.

Leadership presence is often the X-factor for emerging leaders and even for some established leaders. Without it, people don’t take you seriously and pass you over.  Developing it makes you more effective at every facet of leadership. That includes leading teams, influencing and persuading, decision making, communicating your point of view and public speaking.

One Thing that Unlocks your Leadership Presence

I once saw a Today Show host interviewing a pro-golf coach. The host asked, “What makes a great coach?” The coach said, “A good coach will tell you the five things you need to learn to up-level your game. A great coach will teach you the one thing that unlocks those other five things.”

As a coach, I believe that leadership presence, and specifically gravitas, is the one thing that unlocks your natural leadership abilities. So, I’ve created a program to help you build a strong, wise & thoughtful leadership presence.

The Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence Program

My program is called Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence. It’s designed to cultivate the qualities and characteristics of gravitas so you feel strong in your core and so your presence has a powerful impact on others.

What’s different from most leadership training programs is that you learn to tap into who you really are and develop your authentic leadership style guided from within yourself. It’s not an external taking on a way of acting, but rather a process of transforming yourself and evolving your leadership style from inside your mind, body and spirit. Developing gravitas helps you align everything you think, say and do as a leader with your truest, most authentic values.

What Happens in the Cultivate Gravitas Course

The Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence course uses the core leadership principles of role modeling and future pulling to create your ideal gravitas behavior. Then, you learn to use mind/body exercises to get into the skin of the characteristics of gravitas.  That means getting it into your body and experiencing a bodily-felt sense of gravitas.

After learning to embody gravitas , then you’ll make it practical by practicing speaking in three different kinds of communication. You’ll practice a media interview, a leadership message and a persuasive talk. Your internalized sense of gravitas will naturally help you slow down, think deeply and speak for the good of the whole during your practice talks.

The experience of this program connects you to the essential quality of a leader which is you speak from yourself, but not for yourself. Instead, you speak for the good of the whole group.

The result is that you learn to be leader-ly at any level in your organization. No matter what level or position you currently hold, your presence will allow you to lead from where you stand. You’ll spend less energy on “proving yourself” and more energy on “positively using your authentic power.”

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

This program is ideal for high potential employees who are positioned for manager and executive roles.  It’s valuable for anyone who wants to establish a stronger leadership presence and visibility in an organization. It is also an option for senior leaders who either need stronger physical presence or who come off as too strong and need to tone it down.

I offer this program in live groups and through individual sessions either in-person or by video conferencing. Please visit: Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence for more information or call me directly at 281-293-7070 to discuss this program for you or your group.

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