Being Effective is not about Being Perfect

Effectiveness in public speaking or presentation is not about your performance.  It is certainly not about being perfect in your speaking style.  Effectiveness has to do with what happens to them, your listeners, as a result of who you are being with them.  If you shared ideas, information and stories that cause your listeners to transform, change or understand something differently, then you are being effective.  

Stage fright and fear of public speaking is often caused by focusing too much on your performance.  When your thoughts are focused on how you are performing, then you are actually really concerned about what they might think about you.  If you can flip it all around and focus on what you have to say, what you want to share and how it might help your listeners, the pressure is off of your performance.  Now you can focus on what you have to say that has value for your listeners.
    I came across a blogger this week who has a similar point of view. David Woodford shares and article called “The REAL Secret of Overcoming Nervousness in Public Speaking” which has been posted at  Check it out.

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